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Masontops Mason Jar Sleeves instantly upgrade simple jars into stylish to-go drink thermoses for water, tea, smoothies, and more! The triple-layer neoprene fabric insulates drinks to keep them warm or cold and offers better grip with a diagonal embossed pattern.

Their stretchable fabric and quality stitching allows them to fit over a variety of Mason jars, including quart-sized jars. This item is a great complement to the Multi Top drinking lids. 


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  • Includes 2 Insulating Neoprene Sleeves For Mason Jars With A Black Reversible Side And Carrying Loop
  • Triple-Layered Neoprene Keeps Beverages Hot Or Cold And Diagonal Embossed Pattern Adds Style And Grip 
  • Top-Quality Stretchable Fabric And Stitching Allows For Flexible Sizing On Most Mason Jars
  • Designed To Fit Masontops 24oz Mason Jars, Quart-Sized Mason Jars, And Can Be Folded Down To Fit 16oz Jars Or Smaller, Plus Many More!
  • Machine Washable 
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