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Bucket Blossoms Hydroponics Kit

Get the benefit of an all-in-one hydroponics system at a low price This DWC system is great for beginners who are looking to try out some more advance hydroponics.

The Bucket Blossoms Kit contains everything you need to start a productive hydroponics garden. Utilizing the principles of deep-water-culture hydroponics, the Bucket Blossoms units allow for strong root development that results in better growth above the lid.


-Quality pump and air stone allow oxygen to diffuse into the nutrient solution and straight to your plants' roots.

-Halo light provides the needed illumination when the sun can't provide it. The light contains several settings such as brightness, color, and an automatic on/off timer.

-Pre-drilled lid holes come in multiple layouts to match your growing desires. (Leafy Greens, Combo, Indeterminate)

The kit includes:

-3.5/5 gal Food grade bucket and lid with pre-drilled lid holes.

-Grow baskets and medium.

-Air pump and stone.

-High-quality halo grow light.

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