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Kratky Jars

Kratky Jars are a set-and-grow system that is great for beginners with limited space.

Kratky Hydroponics systems utilize the principle that roots always find water. Fill up the jar with nutrient solution and let the plant do the rest. With the size of a mason jar, our Kratky Jars can be set up on a well-lit counter or windowsill. These jars serve as a great starter system for people that are wanting to get fresh produce. The system works best with leafy greens which means they are great for herbs like Basil, Parsley, and more.


-Simple set-and-grow process provides a great starter system for new growers or anyone with limited space.

-Options for 1" or 2" pot and grow medium.

-Both painted and neoprene sleeve options provide blackout conditions that eliminate algae bloom and other diseases.

-Perfect for growing fresh herbs. The jar can be refilled to keep plants alive longer.

The kit includes:

-Wide-mouth quart/pint jar

-Grow basket/medium

-Jar lid adapter

-*Not included: nutrient solution.

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