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Cultivate Freshness, Wherever You Grow

In a time of uncertainty and alienation, we look to fix these issues. Human's connection to nature has been a key part of our history for centuries. Recently, as cities have grown and the suburbs have sprawled ever further, more and more people have begun living in a severed state. Disconnected from the world around us.

When one is prompted to think of what an "Urban" area is, the mind often drifts to tall concrete buildings, massive stroads, or sprawling suburbs. We believe this doesn't need to be the case. Seeded's goal is to connect people back to nature through education and developing new products that make this process easier for those looking to learn.

Our Team.

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Small Town Struggles

I Grew up in a small rural community in North Central Iowa. There, I witnessed a large amount of poverty and still do today when I visit. The community I come from is part of food desert where healthy foods are inaccessible either due to the poor options or low income. I continued to see these problems as I moved to college in a larger city.

My Journey.

Cole Lindaman

Founder/Managing Member

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In the spring of 2023, I took an engineering course based around product development. Based on my interest in gardening and landscaping my group chose to work on a cheap and efficient hydroponics system. As well, with my major being Civil Engineering, I became interested in the way that the built environment has been causing alienation and other problems in society.


Taking Action

Over the past few years I have come to the realization the way we organize many of our systems need to be drastically changed. The common theme is creating resilient communities. One of the easiest ways to connect to fellow humans and starting the process of building these communities is through our shared connection to nature.


Combining my experiences of growing up witnessing food insecurity, my work in designing the built environment, and the feeling of alienation in the modern world, I decided to start Seeded to begin sharing ways that we can build stronger communities and work to live healthier lives not only for our selves but also the world.  

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